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About the HK Competition

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As the city of Hong Kong emerged from their third wave of Covid-19, the competition journeyed across the globe to relaunch within a new context - at Haw Par Music, a community centre for social, cultural and creative education.


Shortlisted and winning designs featured in an installation curated by Bompas & Parr, showcased as part of Business of Design Week CityProg and hosted at Haw Par Music, Hong Kong, as part of their Heritage X Music programme. The exhibition has now gained permanent residency here until March 2021.


Fountain of Hygiene wishes to unite the design community in the challenge to rethink hand sanitisation within the context of Hong Kong and heritage of Haw Par Music, in recognition of the local and global efforts in dealing with effects of Covid-19. We encouraged applicants to explore the idea of enhanced sanitisation from a personal and broader holistic wellbeing perspective.

About the LONDON Competition


With creatives and makers working from home around the world, the full brief and selected jury for Bompas & Parr’s Fountain of Hygiene: Sanitiser Design Competition is announced. The project is open to all, inviting creatives, designers, makers and those with a good idea, to design inspired takes on the sanitiser pumps and hand washing rituals being explored across the globe.

The results will be exhibited here during April and May with entries raising money for the British Red Cross. A physical display will be hosted at the Design Museum once it reopens, with successful projects auctioned by Christie’s at the launch to generate further funds for the British Red Cross.

With more than 190 countries and territories now affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), hand washing and enhanced hygiene has been identified by the British Government as one of the most effective way to prevent and slow its spread. The competition seeks to explore the aesthetic, functional, social, gestural and experiential possibilities of enhanced hygiene. It is hoped that this will accelerate the establishment of new behavioural norms which benefit the ongoing health of global society. Ultimately the aim is to explore how people can safely re-enter the public realm.

Through a rethinking of the artefacts, gestures, rituals and communication of hygiene and sanitiser gel, the open competition seeks to normalise enhanced cleanliness in both the public and domestic realms. This is with a view to exploring how people can safely move back towards the rhythms of their lives, pre-virus. 

The initiative sits within the wider context of the creative industries using the means at their disposal to reduce the physical, social and economic impact of the virus. LVMH is using the production lines of its perfume and cosmetic brands to produce large quantities of hydroalcoholic gels. by @neoncloth generates hand washing instructions accompanied by lyrics from a song of your choice.

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