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Via an open call, participants were invited to submit their designs for a future vision of sanitiser pumps and hygiene innovation.


A shortlist was be chosen by our panel of distinguished judges with awards presented in the following categories:

– Industrial Design 

– Luxury Design

– London & Partners Sustainable Design

– Gesture and Ritual

– Awareness and Communication

– Child-Directed Design 

– Cadet Designer (Entered by adult on behalf of under-18 participant)

– Hygiene Innovation Beyond the Sanitiser

Each submission was evaluated using the following four parameters: innovation, functionality, social impact and aesthetic with participants asked to donate what they feel appropriate to the British Red Cross.

people's choice award

To vote for your favourite design, select the like function and give your preferred entry a red heart. For an additional vote, share the entry on your social media channel with #FountainOfHygiene @britishredcross @dezeen and @bompasandparr.

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